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It’s all about money. The more money you make in a casino, the more you can gamble in a day. And the more money you have on hand, the more you’re allowed to gamble.

Do you think the casino industry is getting bigger?

Yes. I don’t think it’s getting larger. I believe the industry is growing, because it has to, because there are more casinos that want to participate in it. I’ve been gambling since 1980, but I’ve been gambling with my kids since I was a kid, so I’ve been a gambler a long time. Every kid I talk to would love to live in a great casino, and a lot of them just don’t have that.

What type of person does you have to be to gamble in a casino?

I would say anybody. At a casino, you don’t have to be wealthy. I would say, if you’re really good at what you do — whether it’s sports, or anything — it’s all about what you do, how your brain works, your attention span, how fast you’re thinking out of your head. If it’s like working in a bank, or at McDonald’s, or doing your job at the store, you really have to be that brain and pay attention. It’s all about how smart you are, and how good you get at what you do.

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Where did you start working in politics?

I started in politics as a campaign manager. I worked in South Carolina, on the state Democratic Party, on the state Senate, on the state House of Representatives. I was in the state Senate for 15 years. I’m also the president of the Charleston County Democratic Party.

Before that, I was in the state Senate and, when we were coming up for re-election in 1996, for the first time in South Carolina history, we got 50 percent of the vote. I was the first African American African-American to be successful in any office. I was governor of the state for a good number of years, and I was serving on the judicial ethics committee for the S.C. Supreme Court, and that’s where I got my law degree. Before that, I was with the American Bar Association, and I taught law at the University of South Carolina at Charleston for two years.

When you weren’t president of the Democrats, you were pretty much the only African-American woman in the state’s history.

Yeah. That was one of

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Why do casinos have table limits? – Online Roulette Wheel Layout Numbers On Clock
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