Why do casino always wins? – Hit And Run Roulette Strategy

A common misconception is that casinos always win because this type of game has a higher chance of winning a cash or check.

Yes, there are other games that have higher odds of winning a cash or a check. But it is rare that the odds are exactly 1/2 or 1/10, and in fact most are less than 1/4.

The average odds of winning the largest casino prize is 1/256, so any player who loses to a casino will most likely lose almost twice what the casino will take in.

This can be seen in the number of times “Millionaire Jack” has beaten the odds in all four games listed, and there is no player who has beaten the odds twice.

However, there has been a game where the odds was 2/256. The odds may still be considered an advantage over other games since you need to use 1/7 odds to beat “Millionaire Jack”. However, winning is rarely profitable when the odds are 1/2 or 1/10.

Most players like to beat the odds whenever possible for the sake of winning, but there should never be a need to use large amounts of casino resources.

A better explanation may be found in this article called How Odds Can Be Misinterpreted:


Why does “Crazy Jack” win more than the others?

For example, if “Crazy Jack” wins a hundred dollar slot, and that 100 dollar “Casino Jack” loses the slot, the other players will still lose their hundred dollar slot bets.

And the other players who were not winning their slot bets may well be losing their 100 dollar slot bets to “Crazy Jack”.

So what happened?

In the “Famous Winning” column, there is a section where players are told to use a large amount of money, preferably $2,500. Since “Crazy Jack” was the “Famous Winning” player on December 21st, it’s fair to say that he had more money than the other players, and likely would have won by using up all the money. But he didn’t (he lost by using up 1/20 of the money).

The other players did exactly as they were told. Because “Crazy Jack” was one of the “Famous Winning” players, he was able to win a larger amount. Of course,

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Why do casino always wins? – Hit And Run Roulette Strategy
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