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The basic point is to see the game as a collection of different cards that are dealt to players and then, finally, their ability to manipulate those cards in whatever way they want to.

Now, this is where things get interesting. There’s no question that the people who create the rules for the game (called “players”, they’re called players for a reason) know the best way to arrange those cards is in a certain order, but they can’t possibly know exactly what cards will be in every deck.

So they make up rules and hope that they work. For example, if they had an idea that it makes a certain type of card more likely to come up in every deck (the first type in each list), they’d probably make up the rules for that too. The players create the rules, and the players then try to copy those rules – that’s how the game’s “playtested” – but that’s also why players can change the rules. There’s nothing inherent in the game itself that makes the card types more likely to come up later. They might make the first type a 10 percent more likely to be in each deck, but that’s not why they made it so.

This is pretty well understood today – that it makes sense for players to get a better chance at the high end of each deck, so that they won’t be so stuck with losing cards and the others being much better on average. But in the early days, people didn’t really know that you can modify your own cards if you want and also can make rules that will give a boost to certain types of cards.

That was kind of a cool effect… until someone wrote a card game about it that is a completely different game, which was in turn a game about that concept, and then a card game about the effect of changing a rule. Then I started hearing people saying “It doesn’t feel fair,” “It could be better,” and “I’m losing money.” People weren’t sure how to make their cards more difficult, but they felt that the card games they’d created would have never been popular… but it turns out they were right.

So if you’ve ever played a card game you didn’t like, chances are you started to try to make some of the rules better because of the way other people were playing. That’s the way to learn the game, no matter what rules you think you’ve created.

If you’re curious about the rules that people wrote,

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Why do casino always wins? – Best Online Roulette Strategies Videos Infantiles
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