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In an article published Tuesday night. The Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf writes a very good account of the latest controversy on college campuses, and offers a number of good points that I thought were worth adding to the conversation.

His opening paragraph:
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[The debate over a professor’s right to yell at a student is] about as big a story here as the president of Indiana is about a racist Twitter comment. A woman who did not support the professor’s right to speak is being attacked for it. On college campuses from Harvard to Claremont McKenna, this is about far less than the most trivial issues regarding free speech.

He then discusses that the controversy started when a video from a pro-Israel student group was shared. Friedersdorf reports:

The student who uploaded the video, Tariq Abousamra, claimed that the professor made a threatening gesture after she shouted out about Palestine, “But Palestine!” she said. But the professor had a very different argument.

The two women were standing, she says, in front of the classroom, where she taught classes about the Middle East and Judaism, when she suddenly felt her hand go up. The professor had just made an “inarticulate” gesture, she says, but she was so angry that she wanted to shout back at him.

“In my own heart,” he says, he thinks the gesture was a “kind of a sideways salute, sort of like my father would make when he would salute an enemy,” [as in the salute used by the Nazi salute].”

But the professor said he didn’t mean to be disrespectful, and the women were shocked when they heard that he actually told them to shove their hands up their own asses. He said he didn’t say this in a threatening manner. Nor was the professor “threatening or intimidating,” he says. Nor were they insulting him. “I didn’t say anything in a threatening or intimidating way to you,” Abousamra is quoted as saying. “It’s just that we’re sitting in front of a classroom and talking and my hand is up the front of our thighs, and you just started getting up from your seat and you start yelling and you start grabbing me by the shirt, and I feel like if I push you, you’re going to be like, ‘Well, you’re right, why

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What is a 1 1 payout? – Online Roulette Wheel Layout Double Zero
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