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It’s a color we see a lot. (If you are one of the lucky few who plays roulette at home, it’s the lightest color.) But that’s not what happens with some of the most popular colors in roulette. Some of the most common names of roulette lines are Blue Sky, Blue Moon, Ruby Moon, Gold Star, Rainbow Moon, and the like. (There are exceptions from the above, but we’ll get to them momentarily.)

How can we tell the difference between these lines? Well, what colors do the letters say?

Blue Sky is a series of letters. Like the rest of roulette, the Blue Sky line begins with a letter and ends with another letter. It begins with three, “B” and ends with five, “G.”

The Blue Sky line looks a little different, however. Instead of being just three letters, the letters in blue sky all appear in different order; in the left column they’re “B,” “F,” and “G,” in the middle column “A,” then “R,” and then “O.” Note how in the two previous examples of this kind of rainbow, the blue sky and the red and blue-light lines look almost identical. The reason for the order seems fairly clear to us: the letter in Blue Sky that ends with the word “O” is usually there to emphasize that the line will run to the right of the three other letters, which is how those lines begin. In Blue Moon, the letters “N” and the word “O,” which look the same in both sets, are a bit more obvious, because they occur along the left-hand side of the blue sky line. This indicates that the line will end abruptly below two other blue letters (or letters, to be specific).

Why wouldn’t the line have to be the same length twice? Well, if the letter in Blue Moon didn’t end in an “S,” it would only be a few letters. But in the other three lines, they all follow an “S,” as does any letter that has a white border.

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So what does this mean? Well, it means that the line in red is always shorter and farther away from the “S” on the line in blue than the line in blue. (We’ll get to why this is the case below.) Note that the next line in red is shorter than the next in blue, because the words “F” and “E” are longer

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What color is 17 in roulette? – Online Roulette Casino Real Play Money
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