What are the odds of surviving Russian roulette? – Best Free Online Roulette Game

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The answer depends on the size of the wheel.

In Russia they have to bet big on the odds, say 1:10 — and the bigger they start, the smaller it becomes. That means that Russians can’t afford to risk the roulette wheel being bigger than 1.0 for any small stakes.

In France, it’s also 1:10. But here you have to wager about 20 to 30 percent (sometimes more). And that’s not all. Most French gamblers risk between a third and a half of total.

How to take home a good Russian roulette table?

There are plenty of places to gamble a good roulette table. The usual places can be found in London, Paris, Frankfurt and Berlin. But most of them are open until mid-afternoon, meaning that they are less attractive than a betting shop in the pub and certainly cheaper than a slot machine.

How many people play roulette?

About 100 million people in Russia now play roulette. The figure is increasing at an alarming rate despite the law banning it.

For a first-timer, odds of winning vary from 3.60 with 10 milligrams of alcohol in a litre to 16.25 with a 1.5-milliliter vodka glass. As for spins, roulette is one of the safest forms of games. There is one unlucky twist — if your opponent has a big bankroll, you might have the misfortune of being dealt a lot of small stakes.

Where can I learn roulette?

Russia has a vast selection of bookmakers and roulette specialists who train young players in how to play. If you are interested, it’s easy to find a reputable roulette dealer in Moscow, Moscow, St. Petersburg or a few other cities.

In France roulette is the most popular game, with about 40 percent of the population taking a good roll every week.

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What are the odds of surviving Russian roulette? – Best Free Online Roulette Game
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