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This story was first published on April 4, 2014.

The world’s smallest solar car can be shipped to a customer within days thanks to a new technology developed by solar car pioneer and founder of SolarCity, Lyndon Rive.

Rive says his new car is the world’s smallest solar car with 10% of its power being fed back to the grid—with a range of over 500 miles. The car, dubbed the Solar Roadster, only weighs about 500 pounds, compared to the car you’d think the world’s smallest solar car is, the $80,000 Tesla Model S.

“You could probably fit four of us inside. It’s a big thing,” Rive told Reuters, referring to the solar car’s smaller body shape than the one in a Model S.

Rive was also asked if the car would be available for pre-orders this weekend and said that such pre-orders would happen “this week.”

The cost of building a solar car is about $15,000, while Tesla is offering an early launch for an initial 300 Solar Roadsters in the coming months, which will offer about 700 miles of range and cost no more than $7,500.

In January, Tesla will start offering the first 400 of its Roadster electric cars in April and the next 500 in November, with another 50 ready to be shipped later this summer. Tesla is the only car company offering 100% self-driving driving on public roads on public roads at this point and will not offer a safety rating for any of the cars.

A former U.S. intelligence contractor, charged with leaking top-secret U.S. government documents, has claimed that he is a member of the “Gang of Eight” of Obama Administration whistleblowers demanding greater transparency as they seek asylum in the U.S.

Edward Snowden’s attorney Michael Ratner told the Times that his client, now living under asylum in Russia, is worried that he will be arrested, and would seek asylum in the United States if he leaves the country. “He is certainly one of the Gang of Eight” who have already expressed concerns about how he is being treated by Russian authorities, Ratner said.

Ratner told the Times that his client is a “whistleblower” of sorts in the sense that he revealed information that he believed would affect the security of the United States.

Snowden leaked details of U.S

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Is there European roulette in Vegas? – Online Roulette Predictor
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