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In a recent video, the Canadian-based group the Canadian National Resistance Collective (CANRC) warns that ‘all of our power’ will be available to us to create a ‘free and world-wide’ anti-fascist movement. In a video titled ‘The Coming Antifascist Spring’, the group makes the case to gather ‘all the forces to come together and stop fascism, fascist aggression and police state repression.” This kind of statement can be interpreted in different ways, but that is the gist behind the CANRC’s appeal to get rid of the capitalist state because the current one, while problematic, is the only option for the majority of people, including youth.

“Our power is our determination to make revolution and not go backwards to the past … We don’t have time to wait or go back and build new forms of socialism from the past.”

In their pitch, the CANRC explains why they are not advocating for direct action, which they see as ineffective against the state, but instead argue that we should prepare for direct action in order to provide ourselves with the necessary tools in the resistance to build a lasting anti-fascist movement. Furthermore, in the video, the can be seen saying that even if the state was overthrown, their organization would be formed with an existing political party in place to form the foundation for the future anti-fascist movement.

The CANRC believes this type of approach provides a way to build a broader movement, and this means that while the organization is focused on building power in the Canadian context, they are also looking ahead to different strategies and situations in the US when the state returns.

These strategies and situations include the potential of working for the creation of a separate political party in the US, but these have limited effects as opposed to building up independent political organizations across the US. Even a different direction has not been taken by the CANRC with their first video, in which they focus on building an anti-fascist movement on one city.

This video is part of a series that the CANRC called The Coming Antifascist Spring, which also focuses on the rise of Antifa in Europe, the lack of antifascist violence, and the ongoing need to confront an emerging fascism.

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How much do dealers make an hour? – Online Roulette Games
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