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I think you can do everything right, you can do all the things they told me you’d do, but then you’re going to be on the other side if people have the guts to beat you and beat him and stuff like that.”

“In my day, [the casinos] never thought they lost, they thought that was their job,” he added. “It was something they were proud of. Now, I think it’s all kind of screwed up. … [This new] era of the casino is terrible, it’s no good. You’re just gambling. It’s dumb. It’s a bad business idea, because then you don’t know what you’re going to lose. When casinos give you [money] now, they will know you lost.”


But his son is not taking any chances.

“I want my son to be the last man to win the lottery,” he said of the younger Trump. “One day I want him to be president of the United States. But now we have to be realistic about this whole thing. … If you get in with the wrong team, it’s going to be like winning two-thirds of the lottery. You’re already on the losing side of that, and that’s all a way to make people mad. The people in this casino industry are a bunch of idiots.”

Trump has long been a champion of the casino industry, saying in 1993 that “people are crazy” for supporting casinos.


But now that the American Dream is fading and the casino industry is struggling, he’s taking another stab at the system.

“If you have the right people, they’re going to do great,” he said. “I think the whole thing is a phony. Nobody can beat them.”

Trump said his plans are not set in stone. He has repeatedly said he could not support casino expansion due to the expense. He could not guarantee the safety of his casinos, noting multiple accidents and security breaches at Trump Taj Mahal and Castle Macao in China’s casinos.


The president even took the bizarre decision Saturday to hold a golf tournament on the White House grounds in defiance of federal law.

“The problem with the White House is there are so many people,” Trump said. “Everybody has had to step away from their game, and I have to step away from my game, too.”

Trump will be in Washington on Monday, along with the president of India and

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How do you win at the casino? – Online Roulette.Space Roulette Free
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