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Let’s be real. You just need a strong, smart betting strategy that works for you, but is easy enough for a beginner to understand. Craps isn’t just one or two simple strategy games. They have layers and sub-layered strategies, that may or may not be covered in this article. So, before you embark on a craps journey, have an understanding of what is and isn’t covered in the article.

Craps Tactics

While it can be confusing enough to understand most of the game, to become an effective craps player you will have to learn specific strategies to get the best advantage at every table you play. Here are some important strategies to understand.

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Craps Strategy #1

The first strategy you should follow when you sit down to play in a table is to look at your opponent’s bet before hand. This will let you identify bet size which will be the key factor as to whether you pick a bad bet, even if your opponent is willing to play a better hand.

Look at your opponent’s bet size and choose the size you think is the maximum bet that can be made to cover the house edge. For example, if the pot is $15, where the house edge is $75, then a $10 to $25 bet is what a good player will make. However, if your opponent is willing to play a larger bet, such as $50 and a $20 bet, then you can pick a $20 bet. While this tactic doesn’t work for every table, it is an extremely helpful tactical tactic to have ahead of time.

Craps Strategy #2

After a bet has been placed in a craps table, there is now a lot more betting involved. To keep a handle on the playing field, the best way to gain an edge in this game is to bet from the best deck (usually the first) which is usually the most expensive. In addition, when you are on the board and your opponent calls a set, there is no going back so it is important to bet very aggressively when you are about to take a set.

In the second example, we had a total of four hands. One was a 4, the four-of-a-kind which would allow us to make big bets of anywhere from $5 and the $80 pot. However, our opponent also had a pair pair (a set) and then had a pair pair (a set) as well. We were able to take

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How do you play craps and win? – Online Casino Roulette Sites
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