How do you always win on roulette? – Casino Tricks In Hindi

No. That’s not part of it.

You’re saying it’s not part of roulette?

I don’t know. It’s not like we always win if we’re roulette people. We’ve won big, we’ve won big, even in the big games where we’ve lost, too. But we’re still out at a decent amount. I know the biggest casinos in New York have been winning more or less the same amount as we have. It’s not a big amount. It’s not like we could win a lot of money with the same amount of time spent.

Why aren’t you betting on the big games?

We don’t win on the bigger casino games, though, because we know the odds. We know the odds that the house always wins. We get the casino games because we know the casino games in the world they win. It’s not a casino game.

Tell me about the first time you took a turn in the casino.

Oh, man, it was like a drug.

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It felt like you were losing your mind.

Yeah. I couldn’t stop looking at the numbers. That’s what it was like. One time we played the craps game and a big guy comes to the table with us. We get ready to bet and I’m looking for an opponent. We all look at him and I can’t find anybody good. So I don’t bet. The casino guy says, “Yeah, let’s play the craps,” but he doesn’t pay us. The first guy comes, but I still don’t bet. A few drops from nowhere, he picks up on that. I’m like, “That’s it! That’s all there is of it!”

Is this what it’s like for you when you can’t play the casino games?

Yeah, it goes from being a gambler where I don’t really gamble, to just being a gambler like anyone else.

In that sense, gambling is kind of a hobby for you?

I don’t think of it like that. I have a career, I’m at a professional level. I’m not going to play games where I’m not going to win. For me, it’s more about playing the card game and then playing the table games later on. And I’m not going to play the game of just playing roulette and then betting the jackpot. I’m not going to do that.

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How do you always win on roulette? – Casino Tricks In Hindi
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