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Quick Walkthrough [ edit ]

Talk to Brynjolf about the “Daedric cult” in Riften. Give him the gold pieces for the gold soul gem in Riften. Buy books from his shop and read them. Return to Brynjolf. Meet him to receive the quest.

Detailed Walkthrough [ edit ]

Brynjolf and the Cult [ edit ]

When you meet Brynjolf in Riften, you will find him tending his bar. He will offer to sell you the books he has, but he will only pay you a small sum of gold for them: “Do you want my books for a price?” If you ask him to keep them, he will refuse, saying “I don’t care any more, I’ve won the battle. Now what? Leave?” and “Brynjolf has earned his money again. Let his book-shop be. You’d think he would be grateful, but he won’t even tell where he got the books from.” In the back room you will find a dead body, which you must explore to find the book you seek.

Notes [ edit ]

Brynjolf will always take your gold if you offer to buy them, regardless of your Speech skill.

Quest Stages [ edit ]

A House Divided (DLC2BrynjolfMQ01) Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry 10 Brynjolf tells me that Riften’s Daedric cult has risen to power in secret, and he needs someone to investigate. Objective 10 : Investigate the cult in Riften 35 Objective

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