Can you cheat on roulette? – Roulette Strategy To Win Big


How about driving a stolen car?

Yes, the cops have caught one criminal. But, no way could anyone steal a car and drive it, I tell you that!

What’s your favorite way to catch someone breaking into your house?

Dogs. That’s my dog.

What was the most interesting place you’ve ever eaten?

We’ve been to New Orleans and Las Vegas and I guess we went back to the same place. Probably not as good.

Are you a fan of comic books?

No, but that’s just because of Spider-Man, you know, he’s a superhero — we like him. A lot.

Have you ever tried marijuana?

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A little. You should, man! It’s really good for you, you know you don’t want an old man smoking weed?

Are girls harder than men?

I think women, you know — they’re a little bit more sensitive, you know, like you have a little easier time than a guy.

What are the best and worst parts of being a dad?

No, the best part is when your kids are all excited about something or something and they’re always asking a million questions and they’ll be really, really busy and you have to hold them back. And that’s hard. And the worst part is, is that, you know when you sit on the couch and, you know, just let them be a little bit more and I mean, you can’t ever let them do anything they don’t want to do because it’s impossible to stop. And it’s really, really hard to hold them back from whatever it could potentially be, but it’s a struggle just to keep them in line.

“I’ve been to jail. But, other than that I don’t think you’re a bad person.” | Photo via The Playlist

What’s your favorite childhood activity?

I used to play paintball. I was in my mid-20s, it was about eight or nine years ago, I was in a little league and I remember it. I was there for maybe six months and I actually really enjoyed it a lot because we had just started playing. And, I actually got to go in there against some of the guys and it was kind of like a game, you know, something like that. But, I loved it, I enjoyed the challenge of actually, really trying

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Can you cheat on roulette? – Roulette Strategy To Win Big
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