Can Roulette make you rich? – Roulette Strategy That Works

The simple answer is… probably. The game will let you play against random opponents, and even play against other players who are willing to trade a little money for a chance at victory. The game also requires a high-stakes element: Roulette is designed to be played at roulette tables with lots of players. This can be a fun and challenging game, but it’s something we didn’t want players to spend too much time on.

Another reason we decided to leave out our final price was because it’s likely not a good match for the overall gaming experience. We knew that, as a developer, we would want to be able to support the game’s various features: custom dice, custom game boards, and so on. If we tried to provide these features at a higher price, we would end up spending money to support a game we really didn’t want to support. At the same time, we also wanted the game to be accessible to a wide population of gamers. We wanted anyone to play it, at any skill level—even if they were just playing for fun.

So why did we go with our current game prices? We’ve had our own playtests, and found Roulette to be very fun for all kinds of players—from newcomers to the seasoned hobbyist. We’re also working on several new expansions, so we expect to see the game in all its glory over the years.

To learn more about Roulette and how it works, check out the game’s official site at When you’ve decided to preorder, you’ll find a link in the confirmation email containing a link to the store:


We’ve been asked a number of times whether or not we have an option to add shipping cost to our pledge level. Unfortunately, we can’t. This is because we’re shipping from within the United States—meaning that our shipping cost includes the entire cost of the game, not just the shipping to your chosen destination.

Please note that due to the unique nature of Kickstarter, some items are excluded and cannot be picked up after the Kickstarter. For a more complete list of exclusions, please see the following items:

Any add-on items will be shipped from within the United States as per this list.

Games, Accessories, and More

Below is a comprehensive list of the items you see listed as available for your pledge.

$18 – The Game (Standard Version); $24 – The Game

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Can Roulette make you rich? – Roulette Strategy That Works
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