Are there any illegal bets in roulette? – Online Wheels Direct Coupon Codes

There are many illegal bets. You may want to seek professional advice before you take any bet and before you take any risk. For more information, refer to our Legal Guide:

Illegal bets are most often the result of “guest bookers” operating out of casinos in Florida. Guests book slots by placing deposits on a “hand” or “wheel,” which causes the casino to place a bet for each slot number it sees. (A “wheel,” for example, means that the casino has placed a bet for a certain number of consecutive numbers.) This is what most people think is happening when you place your deposit at a roulette table: There are six, seven, eight, nine, or ten possible choices on the “wheels.”

The casino then chooses four of them, as shown here.

This strategy is legal, but it’s not permitted by the National Association of Gaming Officials, which states that anyone who bets from the floor, table, or on the floor is doing the same thing as betting the wheel on the “wheel house”—the slot machine—and is therefore gambling.

Other illegal bets include:

Playing the wheel for more than three consecutive numbers (as with a “wheel house”). As with “guest bookers,” gambling is prohibited here.

Seller of any book that is marked as not for circulation, which is often used as a way to make a bet.

Playing a machine with a machine option, although this is a felony in Florida.

Playing a machine that has a no-limit bet at the center.

Playing a game to which some other player has added a no-limit bet.

As with bookmakers, illegal betting at casino roulette is legal, but it is prohibited by the National Association of Gaming Officials. However, other “felony” bets are illegal, as well. For example, some machines take the “roll” or “roll counter” option; some machines have a “roll-away” option; and some add “take-back” or “take-back plus” to a bet.

Can casinos offer roulette?

As mentioned above, Florida’s Casino Control Commission allows casinos to offer other gambling products. For example, casinos may offer games of chance or video poker. If you choose to purchase a casino product, contact the casino directly.

Can casino games be played in less-than-friendly conditions?

The casinos generally make

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Are there any illegal bets in roulette? – Online Wheels Direct Coupon Codes
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