Why is graffiti against the law? – Youtube Spray Paint Art

The reason is simple: because it’s illegal.

This might sound harsh, but we must remember that we are talking about streets that have been used for decades by the authorities – in fact, even though there may be a lack of graffiti by young people we are talking about the most significant period of the history of graffiti ever.

The fact that it’s illegal, or even more, that it’s an important part of the landscape of city’s infrastructure, is just the tip of the iceberg, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

The history is not so simple: many people, in the past, have been arrested and some, who have a history dealing with graffiti, still serve prison sentences for this art.
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However, in spite of the legal aspects, graffiti is only the beginning of a larger and broader movement.

If you were to look at the history of graffiti you must notice that the whole phenomenon arose on a very specific moment, the day the Berlin Wall fell.

The first graffiti was done after the fall of the Wall, to mark a single day, a day of rage for graffiti.

After years of work the first graffiti can be identified as a kind of protest, which did not take place in the usual form of spray paint and tags.

“Graffiti appeared in the streets” said the local council representative, after the fall of the wall.

He thought that the graffiti had an importance. It was the first time in this world – in the past 100 years – that graffiti appeared in the streets after a wall had fallen.

It was an important moment because it made people realise that that graffiti was important as a material, as a medium – that was the first time artists’ work had been able to express an idea.

It was an important moment!

The idea of graffiti came in a different form from the original, more or less. It wasn’t graffiti or spray paint.

It was simply the words of many years. The idea came from people who had done years in prison – it was graffiti in a very old style – but it was not graffiti in a modern way.

The idea of graffiti is the continuation of those thoughts, the continuation of those ideas, because the same idea can be found among the artists who were in prison.

Nowadays there are so many graffiti artists who have had enough that we must understand it as a culture and not to be a part of any particular group

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Why is graffiti against the law? – Youtube Spray Paint Art
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