Why is graffiti against the law? – Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained Series On Netflix

Graffiti is an unproductive form of verbal abuse.

Graffiti is banned in NSW.

The police are not going to do the job of cleaning up graffiti because many graffiti-ers are drug-users, people who are homeless and who don’t have the best judgment. Graffiti can also be an extremely embarrassing problem. It’s a form of self-defence in Australia, but it isn’t really legal to do.

In Sydney, graffiti is still a problem as many people are afraid to go out and spray-paint.

What is graffiti?

Graffiti is any graffiti or words painted on the outside of a property in an indecent manner. It can only be done by the owner or other property owners.

When is graffiti illegal?

Graffiti is not illegal if it does not offend the public morals, or if it is done with the consent of the land owner.

The most important thing when talking about graffiti laws is to understand what graffiti means.

What does graffiti mean?

Graffiti is any words or markings that are placed as a mark or decoration on the outside of a property at a public level, except at a private property.

There is a difference between graffiti on a building, with the intention of causing a disturbance and graffiti that is purely on the outside of a property, such as:

the markings on a shed

the mark on the outside of a fence

the spray-painted words

A property is not considered “private” if it is on a road, footpath or footbridge; it is “public” when it is in use by a public, public vehicle or is owned by the public or on the property of a public individual.

If graffiti is on a property but not on a public level, it is still illegal. It is not a big deal if the mark goes up a bit.

When is graffiti not legal?

If graffiti goes against a building’s exterior (such as a fence or the wall) it is not illegal. It just doesn’t look good. If graffiti does not harm public decency, a court may find it acceptable to not spray-paint it.

Where has the law changed on graffiti?

The law has changed in NSW, in 2006, it changed the definition of property.

It now says that the law is to apply where “The person has a right of habitation, occupation or control of

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Why is graffiti against the law? – Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained Series On Netflix
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