Why do spray paint artists use fire? – Youtube Spray Paint Art Waterfalls Near Helen

If it’s the first day of class, can you still go do stuff with that old fire extinguisher?

“Well … not very effectively.”

As more students take on the discipline of spray painting, the more they tend to get the hang of its intricacies.

The challenge of balancing the needs of students, which often differs from a classroom setting, with the work of sprayers who paint their way through the course, often requires great creativity and hard work. And the artistry of each student as a whole means every session and paint-by-numbers day is different.

The classes come with their own challenges and rewards.

“It gives you a confidence boost, and a new way to approach something that used to be so difficult to get past,” said Mark, a junior, who began painting around the time he started using CSAs.

I am not a fan of the new Batman vs. Supergirl series (though I’ve seen some previews). It seems, though, that the writers seem to forget that their characters aren’t human:

Batman has to keep himself sane because of his own sense of morality that requires him to avoid letting others be too brutal or ruthless. This is similar to the nature of the Superman/Wonder Woman movie: Superman is the most morally correct of heroes; Superman must not allow others to be too moral. Superman, like Batman, is the antithesis of the dark evil villain; he is the only good hero who is not bound by his morality.

So Batman is forced to live up to Superman’s standards…but doesn’t really need to. Superman may be the most moral of heroes, but even he doesn’t act as Batman does. He wants to find Kryptonite bombs so he can kill Superman. Batman would do the same thing — or perhaps not.

Of course if Superman can’t be reasoned with, the Dark Knight doesn’t have much to fear.

In a different context, Superman or Batman would actually be the most villainous characters in the world. In reality, Superman, like Batman, wants to find Supergirl and make her his next target. He simply doesn’t respect Supergirl as a person—she’s not worthy of the title Supergirl (or, for that matter, even the Dark Knight). She has no place on Earth.

We can’t know if Superman will really follow Batman’s call to bring Supergirl, or if he really would simply take the Supergirl mantle and start shooting her.

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Why do spray paint artists use fire? – Youtube Spray Paint Art Waterfalls Near Helen
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