Where can I practice spray painting?

In most cases, it’s really, really easy to learn spray painting.

If you are using a new brush, then it’s not a whole lot more difficult to apply, but I’d recommend the same as any other brush, such as the Sombra brush or the Ultimate Black.

Here are some ideas:

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If you are using a newer “spray pen” like the Ultimate Black, just pick up 2-3 of them (if you are doing a lot of work, you can do 2-3 a day!), and practice with them like normal. This really does not take long to become “cool” with a spray pen, and will get you to the point that you’re confident doing a lot of them.

You can find new paint to buy online like: Amazon.com, or if you find one in your usual drug store, then just go around selling it to people as it’s cheap. Also: I found an online “gift shop” that deals in spray paints for $20. They only accept US dollars so if you don’t have a credit card, then get someone who will.

I will note that not everyone is going to be a happy camper, since some colors may be a little too “saturated”, and others not as vibrant, so please see the section below for things that work for yours.

You can download this sheet here:

If you are a beginner, maybe you should just do a single coat?

If you are doing a good job on this set, you’re going to be able to get away with just one coat (although, I’d recommend doing two or three anyway, because then even better)

How do I paint my own?

First and foremost, you need an old, used brush or a paint brush. Remember that it’s the quality of the brush that matter, not the color of the brush.

If you have a regular paint brush, then there really is no need to get yourself a “spray set”: the best practice I always recommend on the forums, is to buy a regular paint brush, put some paint on it, and have someone paint over a large area, then go and do the same thing again. This is a better paint brush practice anyway:

Here are some suggestions:

I used to have a cheap paint brush of all sizes, but it stopped working and broke. After trying several brushes (like the Ultimate Black,

Where can I practice spray painting?
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