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Spray paints are any color that you apply to clean the surface of the paint. A good rule of thumb is that paint can be described as dry, wet, and oil-based spray.

What are the typical applications for spray paint?

There are a number of different applications for spray paint depending on the use of the paint at hand. In general, spray paint will be used as a base color of a surface for various applications (see picture below for general paint application).

Types of Use of Spray Paint

There are a number of applications depending on the application type and what you seek. The types of applications are below, but keep in mind that application depends on the paint that you choose. For more information see Paint Types and Color Options.

Application Type 1: Base of Paint

Base colors on most surfaces include a dry brush to remove paint and thin the paint. This helps to achieve clean surfaces. If you want an easier application but still get some coverage over the paint, you can put thin coats of oil-based paint on the paint before the dry brush and thin it for a cleaner finish.

Application Type 2: Thinned Coat

You will apply a thin coat so the paint doesn’t coat all the way to the surface and will help hold the paint off the surface.

Application Type 3: Overlay
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It is used to create a thick coat to cover a certain area and add a lot of coverage.

Application Type 4: Smooth Finish

The application type is to coat or smooth a surface to make the paint stand out more from the general white area of the image. To get around this drawback, you can mix a touch of dry paint with an oil based spray.

Application Type 5: Texture

When a spray paint application is not working for you because the paint is not holding the color, there are other options. Texture paint is used to smooth surface areas by adding a little texture.

Application Types and Colors:

Here are the major types of base colors of spray paint and different ways to apply them.

Base Colors:

Oil Paint (Dry/Wet) or Water Based (Wet/Oil Based)

Oil paints come in several types, which are described in more detail below, but the basic basic types are mentioned above and the most common types are shown below.

Oil Based paints are dry paints which are applied to create a dry surface for wet paint which

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What type of paint is spray paint? – Buy Spray Paint Art
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