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A recent study in the journal Psychological Science, authored by University of Michigan psychologists, found that those who watched more television watched more crime.

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So what’s the explanation? One possibility is that TV and the other media sources have long played a role in how people perceive situations and what they are willing to do.

To test this, University of Michigan Behavioral Psychology Professor Steven Zeger and his colleague, University of Virginia doctoral student David J. Newman, conducted a series of experiments in which participants watched videos, then rated whether they felt they were threatened while viewing the videos.

The researchers found that watching television did indeed increase a participant’s level of anxiety (as well as their liking of crime). The researchers also found that watching violence and violence-in-fiction had no effect on the degree to which viewers were willing to act out that violence.

“In short, television and other violent images increase the threat-response bias, making us behave in a threatening way when watching violent images,” Zeger said. “We think this could lead us to act out, when we experience a threat, more aggressively. We also think it could lead us to seek out media violence to engage in crime.”

But a second explanation might be this: TV and other media sources can influence our behavior because they serve as a way to manipulate us. They give us a sense of safety and predict a positive outcome.

For example, if a TV show seems realistic, that can be helpful — giving people a sense of hope. “But we’re not just seeing an empty screen, but a live scene with real people and real drama, and people respond to this with heightened arousal and a higher degree of anxiety,” Zeger said.

“So the more television and violent content in a media source, and the more fear people are exposed to, the lower the threat response bias. If you’re watching TV to escape boredom, to escape reality or to feel safe or not at risk, you might be more likely to respond to a threat with extreme violence,” Zeger added.

A third reason for how TV influences us is that people like watching crime dramas more if they feel like the cops are on their side. “In crime dramas, you see the police and you identify with them,” Zeger said.

Another explanation for how TV influences our behavior is that it gives us opportunities to practice safe behavior. “It could be that what people like watching is an opportunity to practice safe action, in the same way that

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What type of paint is Krylon Fusion? – Spray Paint Art Game
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