What type of paint is Krylon Fusion? – How To Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained Variance

We use Fusion (S3) which is a special paint made by RTVK. It is extremely similar to the original K1 paint but has slightly softer, less tacky, and is much more lightweight. It is recommended for use with paints that have a very thin consistency such as Krylon Fusion for example.

What is “Super Powder”?

SuperPowder is similar to Fusion but has a thinner consistency. A thin “super powder” is often used to provide the paint with additional strength in case a heavier paint is used and if some of the powder is lost as it was used.

What Is Krylon Original?

Krylon Original is a proprietary paint made to be more accurate and less reactive. It provides excellent texture with less color bleeding to any surface. It also has longer fading time than the other paint used in paintball.

What Is Krylon Ultra-Blue?

Krylon Ultra Blue is one of Krylon’s most commonly used pigments in paintball. It provides very bright coverage to any color and is great for removing dirt from areas that will often remain dirt.

What’s the difference in the paint color?

The original K1 is 100% black with shades of orange and yellow. The original K1 black and orange is still a favorite amongst paintballers and is very durable. The original Paintball K1 was a “red” paint which is why the K1 black and orange is sometimes referred to as “Red Storm”. The original K1 orange is commonly referred to as “Orange Lightning”. Finally, the original Paintball K1 was made from a blend of the original paint colors. To make a paintball paintball, the paintballer uses a paintball brush to mix the “original paint color” and the “K1 paint” together and then rubs the mixture on the wall and other areas where the original paint color may be located. This process of mixing the “K1 paint” will result in some very strong paints. To make the “K1 paint”, the original paint color is mixed with a thin mix of an “orange-yellow” color which will mix with the “K1 red”. After many years the “K1 paint” mix has “melted away” and the original paint color is still around in the mix.

Which is better for black?

We suggest you try out both K1 colors. For black paintball, the original K1 blue and red

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What type of paint is Krylon Fusion? – How To Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained Variance
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