What is gesso spray? – Spray Paint Art Tutorial

Gesso spray is the name given to a product manufactured and marketed in India where it is applied via a tube to the skin. This is used in skin treatments for wounds, skin abrasions, burns, burns caused by insects, insects caused by fire, insect bites, insect stings, insect bites from other animals and even mosquito bites.

What is a gesso spray product?

There are a number of products designed to help treat gassing. The first product in the Gassing product family, is gegene or gecan, a combination of water and petrolatum which aids in absorbing moisture from the skin so that it cannot be absorbed into the blood stream as quickly. All of the gepan products contain water, which is good to help absorb moisture from the wound. There are also a number of gecan products designed specifically for wounds. Some of the products are the Gecan and Gecan Plus which are designed for treating burns, insect bites as well as mosquito bites. In addition some products are designed specifically for bee stings which are also a serious issue in many parts of India.

The following is a list of the gegene products available in India and the ingredients of these products.

Gesso spray products in India and the ingredients of these products.

1. Gecan: Hydrolyzed Hydrolyzed Cellulose (HGH) Hydrolysed Cellulose (HGH) is a combination of cellulose, glycerin, and water. Gecan is the only product that contains hydrolysed cellulose. Gecan is a popular product for skin and wound care as it is effective at reducing exfoliation and swelling, and is well suited for treating burns and skin abrasions.

HGH is a common additive in products derived from oil and vegetable fats in India. Gecan offers excellent moisture and exfoliation properties of natural fat. Gecan also increases the flow of oxygen throughout the body causing more heat to be transferred through the skin and body. This helps in promoting healthy skin.

2. Gegene Gel: Hydrolyzed Glycolic Acid (Gla) Hydrolyzed Glycolic Acid (Gla) is mainly the sugar alcohol glycolic acid. It is used as an emulsifier in skin care products which reduces the dryness after application. It is also added to some skin care and burn creams to improve the effectiveness of the products

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What is gesso spray? – Spray Paint Art Tutorial
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