What do graffiti tags mean? – Super Cool Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained

Graffiti is a large, often symbolic, image that often gets painted over. Graffiti is written, so it may not be easily readable, and it may also include symbols, such as a swastika, that could have more sinister meaning.

What can I do to protect my property?

There are several steps you can take to ensure that your work is protected. For more information, contact the Police Service.


Graffiti tags help make your art seen, and they can also reveal to others where your art was placed. A tag can be seen and read at the following places:

The bottom of the sidewalk near the curb. Also around the side of buildings where they are built.

Inside a building’s entrance on the rear. Usually within one or two blocks of the entranceway to the building.

On lawns, roads, and other open spaces adjacent to buildings where signs are posted advising that such areas are not to be disturbed.

Inside a private car or on private property, usually on the rear.

On any vehicle.

At the beginning of your driveway where there is no parking space in front of your property.

At any site where people may be walking or walking across.

When driving in the city.

What can I do to avoid putting graffiti?

Some types of graffiti are permanent, while others are temporary and temporary graffiti must be removed. A temporary tag, which is a permanent message with two or more lines, is the most easily noticed. Other types of graffiti are not permanent, such as:

Artificial graffiti




The Art of Jean-Michel Basquiat by Fred Hoffman 2017 by jeanmichel ...

How do I find out if a place is tagged?

Tagging does not indicate a permanent nature of a site. Tagging indicates that the owner of a property knows where the graffiti will fall. Some types of tagging are very obvious — there may be a large white mark with a red cross, or a line that indicates that someone has written something down. These sites will usually need to be thoroughly cleaned up. If you see a graffiti tag, tell a property owner where the graffiti has been placed and they should remove it immediately.

Can I remove graffiti?

Tagging does not indicate that a property is damaged, so if you see graffiti on a property that appears to be damaged, you may have to call the Police Service and report the damage.

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What do graffiti tags mean? – Super Cool Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained
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