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Graffiti tags are an important part of hip-hop culture. It’s a way for artists and their fans to communicate with one another to keep up as they move forward in music. The concept of graffiti was established before graffiti itself. It was a way for graffiti to gain exposure. Graffiti artists used different tags but used “graffiti tags” because it was a common title. The majority of hip hop culture is based on the popularity of graffiti and the importance of it.

Do you think most rappers follow this guideline?

It sounds ridiculous but it is really true. Most rappers follow the guidelines and use tags for their music. It could be because hip-hop artists feel they have to use tags, so it is necessary for hip-hop artists to follow through. It is like if your brother wants to go to the mall so he decides to wear a blue vest. It looks cool but your brother feels it’s inappropriate to wear it.

Are there more hip-hop artists that follow these guidelines?

Yes, there are more. Hip-hop has become a pop culture and popular. The best rappers out there are constantly taking advantage of that. They aren’t afraid of using the tag because they have a bigger fanbase. They can use the tag any time at any place they want to. It’s only a matter of time until someone sees it and does it themselves.

Are there examples of rappers that don’t care if they are drawing a “graffiti” or a “gangnam”?

Not every hip-hop artist is a “graffiti artist”, you don’t have a huge audience and your songs aren’t going to make you a mega famous rapper. But rappers will often find that they have an audience they can use the tags. It’s more about them and not about their audience. You can see the artists with a big fanbase get more and more popular.

Why do so many rappers use the tags?

It’s because rappers are so popular. But the problem is they draw a lot of customers. They can use that market because they are popular. They need more customers to make more money.

So, what do tags do for your average person?

Hip-hop artists use the tags to reach the people who care about hip-hop.

What’s the most influential tagging tag of all time?

That would be the “F” of Wu-Tang Clan.

Who were the first rappers influenced by the

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What do graffiti tags mean? – How To Spray Paint Art Pyramids Of Giza From Space
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