What do graffiti artists use? – Street Spray Paint Art Demonstrations Videos Graciosos

Graffiti artist use a variety of methods to communicate, depending on the message they want to convey. Most graffiti artists will write messages using a variety of writing devices known as tags, and will sometimes use pencils, pens, markers, or spray paints. Graffiti artists also commonly use other forms of writing in order to communicate the message they desire in a particular style.

There are a few major styles of graffiti in use for the majority of the graffiti community, and in this guide we will focus on two of these styles that can be found both within and outside the United States.

Graffiti artists also use paintbrushes, markers, pencils, and even stencils.

How are these tagging styles different than graffiti writing styles?

Graffiti artists are very creative, yet most will not write anything on their walls, even in public areas. Graffiti graffiti writer use a variety of styles and writing devices such as tattoos, ink, writing tools, and stencils.

One of the main differences to writing styles, is what you want to write about. You can often tell that a graffiti writer is trying to convey information, or maybe they are trying to convey a message about the place.

These tags come in many different forms, and although they can range from small to very large, and each of these different forms of writing can bring different styles of information to your walls. Some of these ways of tagging are:

Graffiti writing

Writing on a wall with a pen

Writing on a wall with marker or pencil

Picking up a marker or pencil to write on the wall or paint your walls

On the wall with a marker

Using a marker

Writing with paint pens

Writing in a large paint or pencil

Writing with tape

Writing with chalk

Graffiti tags can range in size from 2 to 6 inches in length. Their sizes can also vary significantly, so you should be aware that not all graffiti tags can fit on a single wall.

Once you have a basic idea of the variety of graffiti styles, it is time to take a closer look at them. You can learn more about most of the main styles of graffiti writing to discover how these genres of writing can be used to write messages and/or create new messages to help others understand your artwork.

Types of Graffiti

Types of graffiti, and what defines them, has always been a very confusing thing to many graffiti writers

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What do graffiti artists use? – Street Spray Paint Art Demonstrations Videos Graciosos
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