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Graffiti artists have a very large range of tools that they use to make graffiti – many paint styles, styles, and colours. They also use stencils, watercolours, pens, markers and other tools. In all these ways they can create something entirely unique, yet equally important, in the process, the impact of their work.

I also find it really interesting how certain artists work and some of their techniques and techniques are quite unique.

Can I paint on my body or clothes?

That is always a possibility of course, it is just a matter of finding a suitable area. There are a few guidelines for where to go and paint – you should know where to go and be aware of what conditions you will be entering. Be aware of your surroundings as a graffiti artist – there will be a significant amount of danger and you may need to act quickly to avoid the dangers of being caught up in a brush storm.

You can also put a bit of yourself into the work as paint brushes are used everywhere, on clothing, walls, car bonnets, furniture etc.

Graffiti artists do paint wherever they can – but this is also a matter of being aware of the graffiti locations and be aware of yourself, the safety of your surroundings, and be aware of your surroundings.

Can I paint on cars?

You can paint, but car paint is expensive, and will cause an incredible amount of damage to whatever you paint to.

There are a lot of barriers where cars parked and not cleaned off a car park, but there are few places where graffiti can be painted, and when it happens there is an extremely high chance of the graffiti causing injury or property damage.

Where to get paint brushes

The cheapest and easiest way to paint is by using a paintbrush, or more traditionally, the stencils, paintballs or stickers on which to write in. However, spray cans are also useful too and you can paint up to 5 colours onto a stencil.

You should also have a bucket of water on you and a little paint. Most graffiti artists like to have a spray bottle open for them or the spray can, so I always have at least one water container when painting.

Graffiti can be extremely messy and if you do get caught up in a brush storm, you don’t have much room for emergency first aid supplies. So I strongly recommend against getting near any spray cans.

I also keep a paint bucket to

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What do graffiti artists use? – Spray Paint Art For Sale
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