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A lot of what passes for street art in the USA is sprayed, or ‘bought’, onto the pavement by individuals with a spray gun. These graffiti-taggers are often found around the city looking to make a quick buck, and often, they have no idea that what they are doing is illegal. To understand what’s going on, there is so much of this illegal graffiti done by people who have no idea.

In the USA, there are three different kinds of graffiti:

–Street art

– Street art with spray paint

– Street art done by people with spray guns.

This is where the difference lies. First comes spray paint, then, and to a lesser degree, the spray gun, and finally, and again mainly in certain neighbourhoods, the ‘street art’. Most street artists do street artwork in some way, such as, stenciling a message on a building or a wall or, where permitted by the city, spray-painting a message onto the pavement. The main difference between these three ways of doing street art lies in how the message is placed upon the ground.

Street art involves marking the ground. This includes stenciling the words ‘tagme’ (‘tag me’ as in, ‘tag me’) on the pavement. Where the message is stenciled onto the pavement it may or may not be visible to the public, but as soon as the word becomes visible or visible enough, it is considered graffiti. As this is graffiti, it is illegal. It is illegal because if the word ‘tagme’ became visible to the public, it would infringe the right of others to have a free access to the street. This can mean the wall being tagged, or a building being tagged through the use of a spray painted message.

Street art with spray paint is generally considered graffiti when it is done without any written markings of any kind, such as, lettering, writing on the surface of the sidewalk, graffiti on the window and in other places. There are certain cases where spray-painting a message on the pavement is permitted by the city and the police might not bother with checking whether you might have committed this offence because they are afraid of being sued by the artist. That being said, the use of any letters of the alphabet or any written ‘tags’ (as in ‘tags me’ or ‘tags ug’) onto the pavement by people or groups that do not know that they are doing anything illegal.

Street art with

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Is spray paint bad? – Easy Spray Paint Art Nature Backgrounds For Zoom
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