Is spray paint acrylic or oil? – Easy Spray Paint Art Flower

All of our acrylic or synthetic spray paint is sold in the U.S. for acrylic paints. In Europe, where we sell our paint at many of the best retailers, our spray paints are sold as oil paints (also known as acrylics or synthetic oils). Oil paints are commonly found in household cleaners, so these bottles are often left around the house to help keep our paint and cleaner clean. We have also had very good success selling these oil cans to people who would only buy acrylic paints.

Which parts of the paint are used?

In order of preference, most of our acrylic and synthetic spray paint is drybrushed (with oil). We do occasionally make spray paints for our liquid color-we’re now focusing on liquid colors that don’t need as much spray paint like deep rich greens and deep blue colors.
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What kind of acrylic paint?

We use oil based acrylics. We don’t recommend using paint colors sold and distributed by other suppliers as these paints require a lot more oil. We use acrylic paints that we have sourced specifically for our products. These include:

Acrylic paints are also commonly referred to as acrylic paints. The paint manufacturer’s name or brand, as well as the color, are both important parts of an acrylic paint name. Examples of other acrylic paints that we use are:

Oil colors:

Our oil paints use either Tamiya acrylics, Sintered Tamiya acrylics, or Tamiya acrylics (a different brand than our acrylics) in different colors.

What kind of pigment do we use with our acrylic paints?

Acrylic paints are very thin – most acrylic paints use very small amounts of pigment, about 0.3% by weight. We make each paint with an actual pigment (sometimes called a pigment oil); so they’re very thin but not thick, and they’re not color fast or resistant to fading. Some acrylic paints can have very light white-ish colors, others have yellowish, brown, or black in them.

Water colors:

Acrylic paints come in a wide variety of colors ranging from light blues to dark grays. Each color comes with a very small amount of pigment, and the pigment is sometimes mixed in with the paint to give the color some life – as an example, they may have a dark olive green pigment in a very light shade of olive green paint.

How big is the paint?

Most of our paints are about 1.5″

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Is spray paint acrylic or oil? – Easy Spray Paint Art Flower
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