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The answer may vary. The first thing you will see when you look at a lacquered or enameled pot is either a surface that is enamelized (a shiny surface) or one that is not rustoleum (a rust-colored surface). Both can look good as long as the enamel is properly treated.

Rust-Leached Enamel

Let’s start with some basics before we take a look at the two enamel colors. A rust-leached product is one that has been exposed to high levels of oxidation, the process that causes all tarnish and other blemishes and damage on pottery. A stain can cause this oxidation. Enamel, also called enamel clay, has the characteristic of a glossy appearance, so a polish is needed to make the paint adhere.

I am currently learning how to polish my enamel, and that is what I am sharing here. A quick web search revealed this website about proper staining using a rust-leached enamel, which is the best way to remove stains from porcelain to porcelain pottery. It is not recommended for all types of wood but really well worth a visit.

The process is pretty easy. Use vinegar to clean your pots and pans, then soak them in water. Let them soak for a couple of hours. Then you can add an emulsion base (a mixture of water and starch) and let it dry. You will then add a heavy-duty stain. Some manufacturers use a special pigment, like lacquer, to make the staining more accurate. If you have difficulty finding this stuff at your local shop, you might try searching online, like this page where a lot of the links have already been taken.

Rust-Lacquered Enamel

Rust-lacquered enamel is a process that uses a lacquer or paint base, and then polishes it off using a polishing compound. A polish is usually applied to the painted surface after you have soaked it in some solvent, such as water and a strong solvent, like vinegar. To polish the enamel, you first use vinegar on the painted surface until the stain is removed and then follow with the polishing compound. It is a much more aggressive process than a rust-leached one, but for non-rustic items and for a very small amount of stain the method works well.

To use a stain, you do not need a polish, just some strong solvent. After soaking

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Is rustoleum lacquer or enamel? – Spray Paint Artdiy
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