Is rustoleum a paint? – Spray Paint Art Techniques

The paintbrush. I have also heard that Rustoleum is sold only as a paint.

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Is rustoleum a solvent?


Can I take a Rustoleum and paint it?

Some rustoleum artists make rustoleum with watercolors in it. Sometimes Rustoleum has a black paint with a dark blue cap.

When does Rustoleum last?

You will not see an 80 gallon “Rustoleum Tank” if you buy a large can and have not cleaned it out completely and used it within the past 12 months. If you clean it regularly (a couple times a year) and get new cap and lid, you could paint it. But I don’t think it is worth the trouble, and it’s usually a bad idea.

Where can I get something like that?

You can see a photo of one on the How-to site. It looks just like what I use and the image below shows what is possible with a standard 20 gallon paintbucket. These cans used to be in a store on the side of the street near the bus stop in the middle of a huge parking lot with dozens of other old cans. I had to carry them to get them out of the back of the truck but once I got on the bus the driver would drive with them in a little container on his tray and he would not move.

Can I recycle my old cans?

Rustoleum may not come back once they have been cleaned, but I would not recycle old Rustoleum since it’s never been used for anything since the beginning. It is a waste but if you want to paint something like an aquarium with an old can, a paint bucket & a roll of painter’s tape to protect the rust from light exposure, you could do that.

What’s the difference between a rustoleum jar and an aquarium sprayer?

I have two questions. They both have the same answer. The former is more accurate. The latter has no answers.

Have you ever used an aquarium sprayer on something? If so, can you explain why?

The first image shows rustoleum on a piece of aluminum tubing. The second image shows a different piece of aluminum tubing. Notice the difference in color. The first was painted and sprayed, the second was not.

This was the first time I used an aquarium sprayer on anything, so I’m not sure if I

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Is rustoleum a paint? – Spray Paint Art Techniques
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