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We can say no to all of these.

The question is a no-brainer, however, when you start to consider Krylon versus other types of plastic, including polypropylene and polystyrene, which are known to contain chemicals capable of causing a number of detrimental effects, including the potential to promote certain cancers, to exacerbate arthritis, and to be “contaminated” by pollutants, such as pesticides, radon, and heavy metals.

But one thing does seem clear from the research. All three of the plastics tested here have the potential to cause adverse effects.

The more recent research on plastics seems to indicate that the chemical compounds present in the plastics we used to use may be responsible for the possible health risks, as the plastics tend to accumulate with age, posing a high risk to the developing fetal lungs, the developing fetus, and, potentially, the baby itself. And we are starting to suspect that the chemicals in the plastics do not simply degrade during the wash cycle, but may have adverse effects even through the entire life span, with the end result being no real safety.

In a nutshell then, we know that as plastics degrade with age, there may be increased levels of potentially toxic chemicals, even though we have developed chemical and organic solutions for these compounds to eliminate them from the plastic before it is allowed to degrade.

To get the most from the plastic in a washing machine, we need to clean our clothes as infrequently as possible, and we need to avoid using plastic that is not biodegradable.

It’s important to emphasize the importance of biodegradation in your washing machine cleaning to ensure that we’re not replacing plastic at rates that are too high or too low. A biodegradable additive can take the place of an additive that is toxic because it is naturally produced. This process happens quickly in our food and personal care products, and is a relatively low cost way to provide a high yield at a fraction of the expense.

We’ve found that for many home laundry detergents, we can use a biodegradable detergent. Here are some suggestions for using biodegradable soap and detergent:
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– Use a good soap and detergent that has been tested as an ingredient in biodegradable plastics:

– Use detergents that don’t contain heavy-duty alcohols or fragrances:

– Use a detergent that has been tested for biodegradation:

– Use

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Is Krylon better than rustoleum? – Spray Paint Art Love
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