Is Krylon better than rustoleum? – Easy Spray Paint Art

Well, it is better, but how best?

The answer is: it depends.

Rustoleum isn’t perfect. Rustoleum uses a lot of very coarse sand when making this stuff. The powder is coarse enough that when you brush it onto your car, some of the fine granular particles that you apply rub off on the vehicle. This can get annoying if you drive on roads with a lot of dirt, as well as if you have an abrasive brush like a lawn mower.
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Krylon is really good, but this is actually why I bought Krylon: because I needed to apply it to an area that I intended to paint on the vehicle to ensure accuracy in areas where I knew I will be doing paint. I have been painting vehicles with it for a few years now and no major flaws on the vehicle have really appeared. So… yeah, that’s cool!

Another nice thing about Krylon is that it is great at sealing the paint on a variety of vehicles, not just cars. I can use mine on many custom made vehicles (my car was made specifically for me by my custom car company! :D) that have very thin paint.

How to make your own car coating?

Well, now that we have that covered, we can move on! To start making your own car coating, you’ll need: an aerosol spray bottle; a fine tipped brush; and sand paper (or you can use a roller and brush in a 1/8 inch round brush). To clean your air freshener nozzle, we need to remove some oil. That oil will have been inside it when you purchased it. We want the oil to be totally cleaned from our air freshener. And you have a choice. If you don’t have a small pump, you will need to use a funnel or squeeze bottle to remove the oil you just cleaned out. You may want to look into a vacuum cleaner for that. I’m a big fan of air freshener vacuum cleaners because I always get my paint off without using air freshener. I also like a small pump because they get good air flow and they are compact and easy to pack for storage.

Once you have cleaned down your air freshener nozzle, you need to fill it with a few drops of Krylon. This is a mixture that I prefer to use in the mixture spray bottle at a ratio of 4 parts Krylon to 7 parts water. When mixing a car coat,

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Is Krylon better than rustoleum? – Easy Spray Paint Art
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