Is acrylic or oil paint better for Wood? – Cool Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained Variance

I have always used either acrylic or oil paint. I have not done many custom paintings, except for this, as most of my clients do not like painting and the majority of this is a “work in progress” stage of the process to show the client. So, I still paint a few things on a regular basis for other clients, and I do not have to use oil paint for this painting as well. I do have to apply acrylic in case it is going to be the first custom painting done for the client, and there are some cases where I do not feel like using oil paint like this and simply have to paint a lighter shade because my wood could never become as dark as it should be at that depth.

I have just finished the new house in our town. It is a beautiful three bedroom detached three story home. It is quite the investment project for the homeowner and I feel very honored when it comes to painting a custom home in my town. I have painted several projects since starting to paint custom homes, ranging from the very large project that my husband and I have done which is the house we now have and what I consider to be the most important thing I have done. The last time I painted a custom home in my town was about a year ago and, while the final results are not yet fully revealed, I can say for sure this paint job is probably going to be our last custom home we ever do on our own and if it does not need to be painted again in the coming years, I would not say this is our last custom home painted. I think that this one is going off to be our last house painted in my local town for several years to come.

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I have been painting custom homes since I moved to Michigan from North Dakota, and I paint custom homes in my town quite often (although, they almost never work).

My clients usually have a couple of items in mind at the painting meeting (i.e. color scheme/style, location, etc.) before they decide whether to purchase/purchase a custom kit or use what I have made for them.

This year I did a custom home that was done in acrylic. This was my first project in my town and I loved it!

I got a few requests for a custom house in oil, so I made another one for $300. The client selected the acrylic for their “work in progress project” as they wanted the finished image to be

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Is acrylic or oil paint better for Wood? – Cool Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained Variance
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