How long does it take to get good at graffiti? – Spray Paint Art Videos Porfirio Jimenez Cantu

When you want to learn how to spray paint, it’s a lot longer than it looks. It’s a long way to learn how to paint a whole wall, so you have to pick up a lot of skill early on. Then you have a lot less time to practice. That’s the way you get good. It can take years just to develop the skills to apply a lot of colors, so you can see the results in weeks, not months. It’s easy to get out there and try out a certain color a couple of times and see how they hold up. That’s easy if you just paint every day. But that doesn’t work in graffiti. It depends on how people see it, and you can’t be perfect. If you’re not perfect, people are going to hate you. You have to figure out how to paint better. Learn a lot of skills, learn how to do a lot of different things. You have to be a different person. You have to figure out how to do it all, rather than being perfectionists when you first start.

The biggest challenge about graffiti is you’re not going to be able to create in one place. You’re going to need a lot of support on the street from people looking out for each other, and you also have to learn to create things out of the things everybody else does (or, as people called it during the nineties, “paint”). I used to think people did it in a big way. I used to think graffiti was the thing, but they’re really putting up the buildings, or the walls, or the lines. You can do it a thousand different ways. Some people are like, ‘That’s good graffiti’ or ‘That’s trash.’ But the graffiti’s done in those ways. It’s not one thing or another. Just because two men have a different style of graffiti doesn’t mean their style is the same. It’s not a way to show one person’s art or another person’s art. We’re always trying to improve and to put it all together, and that’s what graffiti is about: sharing.
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Can you explain the genesis of a graffiti sign? What drives you to get out there and use your skills?

Well, for me, I started out as a street kid growing up, a kid that did graffiti all my life. I used to be a part of a gang, so I grew up really being surrounded by graffiti. But I’m just a writer now — like graffiti is a

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How long does it take to get good at graffiti? – Spray Paint Art Videos Porfirio Jimenez Cantu
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