How do you use Krylon spray paint? – Street Spray Paint Art Demonstrations Youtube

So you have this awesome, ultra gloss paint that looks great on your car, but it’s not doing much to actually seal. Do you spray Krylon onto your vehicle again and again like the people at Krylon do? Or do you spray it in small batches with a pump or rotary tool, like we do? In this video, Chris and his brother Nick show you how they do it.

How does it apply?

We love how they apply the Krylon paint, though the amount of Krylon required is a little high. Chris and Nick’s method requires a lot of coats on each area, and it’s a good idea to take it slow or start with fewer coats—no matter your car or your finish! This method would work for most vehicles—just start with the top of the windows, for instance.
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How is it rated?

We rated Krylon as a “good” product based on a few reasons in our review:

How long does the paint last?

The color lasts as long as your vehicle does. A little Krylon will last up to 5,000 hours on the Krylon paint, which isn’t as much as it sounds since you’re working on a few windows at a time on your truck. But the price is unbeatable. If you don’t mind spending a little extra for some longevity, pick up a bottle of Krylon and you’re golden.

No water or chemicals added to it.

How easy does it come out?

In a good way—and the guys at Krylon call it their “secret weapon.” There was no need to put the “K” in Krylon, really no need to scrub it down with anything. In this video, Chris and Nick pull it off in the driveway. It’s easy to apply, it doesn’t have any nasty chemicals on it, and it’s not watery. It comes out clean in no time.

What is in it?

Krylon is made up of five different components:

Kerosene (used for lubrication)

Chlorofluorocarbons (FCL’s) – the stuff you smell when you close the fridge. They release a chemical that is bad for you.

Tetrachloroethane (TCE) – one of the most harmful carcinogenic chemicals ever developed. Used for both welding and to make foam insulation.

Toluene –

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How do you use Krylon spray paint? – Street Spray Paint Art Demonstrations Youtube
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