How do I start spray paint art? – Spray Paint Art Galaxy Easy

There are no steps to start spray painting. You can get a spray paint container, but it is not recommended to store the spray paint in it for long time. You can try to use the spray paints in a cup with something you can handle, like a cup. If in doubt, use a cup. It should never be in water because it could contain bacteria. To start spraying spray paint, hold a clean cloth in the air and pour some water on it. Take your brush and spray paint with it. It will come out smoothly and quickly.

Step 2 – Color

The idea behind the color is to match two colors with equal intensity. There can be a yellow paint or a black paint depending on your color preference. In most cases, the yellow, black and gray paint colors should be same. Remember it is a matter of color preference, your choice.

Step 3 – Finishing

This step should be a simple but necessary one. First paint one side of the picture and one of the edges. Second paint both in the same color.

I would also add a little bit of glue at the ends of the two sides to make the glue tighter. The glue is a small piece of greenish gel which sticks to paper. It should be thick enough to stay on the paper and not to damage the paper.

Step 4

Final touch you can add with a brush, but it should be in the direction the picture you did the first step will start.

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How do I start spray paint art? – Spray Paint Art Galaxy Easy
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