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If you are rust free (the old saying was: “you need a good rustoleum machine”). Rustoleum is not a “Rust Protectant” so you can use non rust neutralizing agents, like WD-40 and non toxic coatings.

For many years, we have found the most dramatic improvement in water safety is when water is completely pure. When water is just 90% or more water, it will become extremely difficult to rust. It is possible to create and control rust by adding some rust protective substances. Many people believe that rust protection from adding chemicals to water is not good enough. They think water is so hard and pure they need to add some non-toxic substances like zinc oxide or copper sulphate to their water which is bad for their health, bad for the environment, and bad for our environment.

So, we took the opinion of our customers and asked them what they thought. So we put them in the box and sent them away. They were all in pretty good spirits though.

Now they are back to us and asked if we really needed a new box. The answer was yes. So we do recommend that you have a new box just to make sure everyone is in good spirits and it’s ok to change some of the current boxes. Rustoleum has changed the way they do business so we have changed the way we do our business too, and it’s ok. Here’s a bit of what we did.First you should check a few things first…. if you do a good job of removing the rust, you should have NO stains on your steel. If you do, and do it right, you will be surprised. When you do the first step in rust removal, you will be asking yourself, “how did I do that?”

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A good way to clean rust off of your steel is to lay it at room temperature and make sure there isn’t any water or air trapped. At room temperature, the rust is actually like a sponge, because there will be a lot (and if there was too low a level in the water to begin with, some of the water in the rust would go back into the rust).

At room temperature, most of the rust will come off through the rust pitting and be gone. I will repeat the following when I do this. If the steel is so rough, it will not come off. The best way to do this is to use a wet sponge (like a damp cloth in a plastic container

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Does rustoleum stop rust? – Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained Thesaurus Dictionary
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