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While Rustoleum enamel is typically applied by hand in small amounts, we recommend that you apply enamel to your lips using a professional polishing method. Because Rustoleum enamel can be applied in small and moderate quantities, a professional is advised to use a high quality enamel polish to polish your lips and hands.

When should I use an enamel primer?

A professional should use an enamel primer when applying Rustoleum enamel in order to avoid scratches and oxidation that may occur with a more traditional method. Professional polishing and waxing are both very costly processes. Professional enamel polishing is not a substitute for professional cleaning and care.

Rustoleum Enamel

How easy is it to apply this product?

When you apply Rustoleum enamel, you can apply it on your lips and hands to form a protective coating. Even though this gloss is applied through the lips, it has a thick protective film. You can easily pick up Rustoleum enamel and cover a small area.

Which is more hygroscopic — Rustoleum or water?

As with most other lip products, it is best to use water to achieve the greatest effect. However, if you are concerned that you may have excessive amounts of water on your lips and hands if you try this gloss, you can try adding a few drops of water to the gloss to cover a little bit of the lips and hands and then remove the water.

Will this product be permanent?

This product can be easily removed from your lips and hands.

How long will this gloss last?

Since you have to clean your lips when used, we recommend that you clean them regularly. It is recommended that you use a liquid lip stain remover on your lips and hands to avoid getting any product on your delicate skin. After that, you can apply a light moisturizing conditioner to your lips and then continue using the product.

Does Rustoleum enamel need to be reapplied?

We advise that you reapply Rustoleum enamel each day for best results. However, if you are concerned about the amount of product that is left on your lips, you can use a thin, oil-free, non-adipogenic lip tint to give you a more normal lip color.

How should I remove the product after use?

This product does not require a toner or lotion to gently remove. Using

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Does Rustoleum enamel need primer? – Spray Paint Art Galaxy
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