Can I spray paint paper?

Paper is extremely slippery. For best results, use water based paints on all surfaces. I wouldn’t suggest it for hard surfaces except for the water, as the oils in the paints will cause the surfaces to look tacky. You can use spray paints all over the interior, but for the most amount of coverage I’d recommend a high gloss clear coat.

Is it safe to use the spray paint on the car?

Using spray paint is easy to do. The best way to get the best results is to make sure your paint is dry before spraying. If the paint is wet, the spray can can’t penetrate the surface and the paint will become more tacky. After you’ve sprayed, check it to make sure the paint’s still tacky by applying a light coat of clear coat, which can be a thicker or more light gray. For full coverage, you should coat the interior around the wheels, under the wheel wells, along the trunk lid and between the bumpers. The spray paint will bond to everything, so don’t forget to keep the paint covered.

Will the spray paint hurt my paint?

Yes! The spray paint on most cars can be very irritating. The first thing I do with the new car is go to the carwash! They should have some brand of car wash oil that’ll keep the paint from chipping. For the best effect, I used a car wash oil that has some car wax in it, to make the oil more effective. So the spray paint won’t damage the paint, but that shouldn’t be needed (there should be no problems with the car’s paint). Remember, it’s the paint and it doesn’t matter what you spray on it.

If I use this spray paint on a dirty paint job, will a scratch appear?

As long as you leave any marks on the paint, the spray paint won’t do much to the paint (it won’t get into the pores), but sometimes dust will come off the spray paint, and you can see a scratch that was the original paint. Dust tends to get stuck to the paint. When a scratch is found, gently shake the paint and make sure you’re not rubbing or pushing any new paint into the scratch without letting it sit for a few minutes. If dust comes off that shouldn’t be a very big deal.

If dust does get caught up with the paint, do a small dusting of an oil or grease based spray paint cleaner. Spray the cleaner on a rag

Can I spray paint paper?
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