Who dances hip hop? – Social Dancing Lessons Meath

He does so at Coachella and he wears a black, fur.

I remember a band coming in the door, and I thought “Oh, this is great” because hip hop is music for people who are on the lower, inner side of life and on the margins. It’s music for guys who just love music but aren’t very big music fans. The band comes in, and we had a bit of banter and the drummer walks up to the microphone. As the drum part plays, we laugh so hard and everybody laughs, like a really good friend. Then the band walks out, and the drummer goes “You’ve gotta hear this…” They put on “Hip-Hop Fights AIDS” with “Hip Hop Fights Cancer.” We all turn to each other and I said “This is amazing.”

I’m going crazy and I just remember feeling a little euphoric, like we were in a different planet, because there’s nothing to compare it to.

I didn’t know people were making music like that.

It was a big deal, I did my solo shows and I remember being in front of 20,000 people in front of an audience. And it was just really inspiring and I wanted to learn more about it and I was thinking how cool that it would be if people found that music.

That’s kind of where I started getting into the scene. Then I was looking to do the art exhibit and I was at the front door of my friends house, and it was just the best thing ever. I just felt like that experience was so important and a gift.

I started making music with these guys, The Kints, and I made a lot of records, but I didn’t know anything about making music.

That’s pretty common for people to say because the music industry has changed so much. It was very different back then, when I was doing the Art of Hip Hop Show in the 90s. When it was the second show I did, I was in the studio with the producer of the band and I was telling him to come up with something and he had just made a beat and I thought “There’s no way that this beat is going to be even half as good as this beat. This is just not going to work”. I was just so disappointed! But I just keep believing that you know you just have to try harder than you think you can to get the stuff out there, so you start going in and working on

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Who dances hip hop? – Social Dancing Lessons Meath
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