Where did social dance originated? – Types Of Dancing Classes

Dancehall is a musical style of dance developed in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Dancehall was born out of the rise of the British rave, the largest rave on record where over 100,000 people gathered in East London in 70’s. These were mainly punk rockers – in the UK the word ‘raver’ originally meant someone who played loud music but later became a much more generic way of describing the crowds you could have. There were two main subgenres of dancehall. The first was ‘soul’ (like a mix of the UK garage rock scene and American R&B), and the second was ‘house’. Soul music was produced by a group of musicians known as The Verve (which has a history that traces back to the early 60’s). And the first recorded track was called, ‘Gimme Shelter’. The track has a pretty good beat and has a cool chorus. ‘Gimme Shelter’ has become the first official UK number one hit and is still one of the most common dancehall hits to this day. House music was first popularised in France in the late ’70’s. It was played on the radio with dancehall on top. Most people did not know a word of the music but were familiar with the rhythm. This music was more technical, heavy and had a very dance-orientated feel. There were two main subgenres of house: Trance and Techno. Techno was produced and DJ used by dancehall producers with their own original songs. Trance was one of the most popular genres of popular dance music. It was born out of the 70’s disco revival and the early rave scene in the UK. There have been several main subgenres from trance to rave to house to techno to breakbeat to drum and bass. How has the word ‘dancehall’ evolved in the years since the Beatles were released?

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There was always one way of playing it, you had to know who the beat was going to be but you had to be aware of what was going on. The way the word dancehall was used became a little more abstract. Dancehall as we know it is a sound based music style which now encompasses the entire globe. We think the word comes from the way Londoners dressed – clothes were very often different colors to each other. ‘Dancehall’ or ‘dancehall’ refers to a style of dressed with a light, low style with some bright colors, or a low style with some dark colors

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Where did social dance originated? – Types Of Dancing Classes
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