Where did social dance originated? – History Of Social Dance Ballroom Videos

The ancient Greeks, who were the first to invent it, said it came from the Greek word hikos, meaning dance. It may have been brought by the Romans, who built public places such as theatres and theatres. It also may have been brought by the Arabs, who took the form of Arabic dances in the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th Century. The Egyptians introduced that form of dancing to Europe around 2000 A.D. From there Greek dancers adopted the Arab form of dancing to the west. The first dancers to take the dance in the West were French Renaissance artists. When the French invaded England in the 16th Century, they had some effect. The West continued this kind of dancing until the 18th Century. The West’s first major dance company in London opened around 1660. They were known as the London Ballet. (We’ll get to a different dance company later on.) The dancers were named John of the London Ballet and John of the London Players’ Company.

Twelve Types of Ballroom Dances
How did Europe adopt social dance? The West took the form of Arabic dancing in the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th Century.

Who invented the modern dance form? The earliest documented form is that of the Italian dance called il mio, which came from a Turkish word meaning ‘no.’ It had a very different feel–it was rhythmic and fast–than modern Arabic dance.

How did social dancing evolve into modern dance? There were several versions of social dancing over the centuries. The simplest is still the oldest, and the most widespread. (Most modern dances were invented when some of the dancers were very young, and those dancers used their new dances to learn music by ear.)

What were the three main types of social dancing? They varied considerably from person to person–as a general rule they were:

1: the ‘light dance,’ which was more dance oriented, and where no music was used.

2: where music was used, like today.

3: where music was omitted, like today.

There were also dance schools called ‘travasions’ or ‘sous-travasions,’ which were organized to teach the ‘classic dance form’

How did the English form of social dancing change? When the dance was first brought to England, it was called ‘majestic and melodious,’ but as it became more popular, it was shortened and changed to the more informal social dance called ‘light music ‘ ‘light music’–

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Where did social dance originated? – History Of Social Dance Ballroom Videos
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