Where did social dance originated? – Functions Of Social Dance

Where is the “Dance of the Year” from? And is it as popular as it claims?

The dance that we see all around us today, the form of dance that has defined modern life since ancient times, dates back to the ancient Egyptians and their matriculation dance, called the “bach” (Bach). This form of performance is called the “dance,” and dates back to at least 5,000 B.C. in ancient Egypt when they first demonstrated the move in the form of the matriculate and the pheasant.

As soon as it was brought into use in the Roman Republic between A.D. 75 and 300, the performance of the “bach” spread throughout Europe and into the Middle East, and was eventually adopted in various cultures, with various styles. However, the dance of the bach has never been accepted by society as the standard dance of the day.


The “bach,” however, has been one of the most popular dance forms in New York City since the 1890s. In its place came the “pied-piper” and later the “guitar” of the modern concert hall, and it was until around 1915 that the dance made its debut at a New Year’s Eve ball in New York City:

In 1894, at last, I was privileged to witness the first performance of the “pied-piper,” a new dance in use from New York City. The “pied-piper” begins about midway through, the dancer moving about the room from left to right, and is followed by the following figure: a dancer stands facing the audience (usually from about three feet back) and performs a “bowing” motion in which he raises his right foot in the air and holds it still: his left foot, which continues forward, remains still. The dancer next moves his right leg, the leg he is most recently raising, one step further forward and then another: he then resumes his previous position, but now he will again bow.

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This performance was staged, but so far the dance has never been adopted by society as a way of greeting each other.

The dances that we love to celebrate and dance out loud—from Broadway to Las Vegas, from the city’s famous nightclubs to the bars of the Deep South—have always been “popular” dances but have never been accepted as the national, or even the world’s, dance of

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Where did social dance originated? – Functions Of Social Dance
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