What is the importance of social dance? – Social Dance Dress

In traditional dance, there are only three steps – one in the center of the floor, one in the center of the steps and one in the front of the steps. This allows the player to move without breaking stride and with a minimum of energy expenditure. Therefore, social dance is a step by step process. The dancer must dance, yet dance with such ease and grace that she does not feel the need to put in any effort to remain with the rest of the dance.

Social dancing involves both dance and movement, and includes the step-by-step process. Also, social dance moves include, but are not limited to, high and low steps, turns, step variations, and various dances performed with hand and foot movements.

How many dances and elements are there?

There are about 50,000 known forms of dance from all over the world, ranging from the simple to the extraordinarily complex. One dance commonly known as the “Yoga Dance” originated in India. The dance consists of about 250,000 steps, usually in a single direction, and is often performed in an elaborate ritual manner.

In the United States the dance has gained widespread popularity as a “community” activity; however, in Japan, the “Yoga Dance” has become widely known as a “sacred dance” to the Japanese-American community. Today, about 2 million people (2 million worldwide) have become involved in the dance, which often includes more than 250 steps.

In the United States, social dance is a major component of many youth and adult organizations and is also taught in universities and schools for a variety of reasons including:

to increase self-confidence

to promote physical fitness

to promote the arts and dance

to develop skills to be able to perform as an individual

to promote community involvement

to promote a healthy environment

to facilitate communication in daily life and school-age children

to promote community unity and harmony

to celebrate social and political change

to promote a healthy way of life

to demonstrate social responsibility and citizenship

Social dancing is part of a wide variety of forms of dance that include:

Waltzing – the dance of the dance school and public. In the United States the Waltzing became popular in the 1920s and its popularity continues today. The Waltzing has become one of the world’s first dance styles and is considered an example of self-empowerment for the youth in today’s society.

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What is the importance of social dance? – Social Dance Dress
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