What is the importance of social dance? – History Of Social Dance Ballroom Lessons Albuquerque

If we want to have social dance, we must first find some way of expressing the joy which we feel on occasion through the actions of others. Such activities have been the main means of communication in the past. They have been the most convenient, the safest, and the cheapest means of spreading thoughts and feelings. They have been the most effective channels of communication of ideas, the best means of entertainment and entertainment has been dance. The dance is the instrument with which we unite with others, it is the method through which we communicate with our friends and acquaintances. It is the mode of showing the beauty of life, the joy and happiness experienced by the social individual.

Social dance is that joyful and expressive dance which expresses the joy and happiness of the individual member of a social party. A dance is an expression of the feelings of the most intimate members of society. It is an expression which expresses the social feelings and the social actions. As such the dance is the most important and the most widespread means of communication and entertainment among the people.

Sociable culture is what social dances have represented; it is the mode of social life which has given birth to the dances themselves but the dance which represents social dance is the dance that is most common among those who are the most intimate members of society. Social dances are forms of entertainment for them and have been especially popular among them.

“The dances which have come together to form these national songs have been called songs of the people, because they always have been called by the men who made them; but the songs have been more closely related to the people’s feeling for themselves as a people than to the songs of the men in the village.”

— A. J. Maynard
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“The dances of the people, or the dances of a people at different times, belong to the past and never to the future, and they are, when they are performed by the people, not only a form of entertainment, but a most important part of the social life of nations; they are the means of social intercourse, the meetings, and the contests, which constitute the whole of our economic life.”

— E. W. Wallerstein

“When the dancing is going well, when it takes place amongst the people, and if the people are happy and happy in the presence of a woman who is dancing, it is because the dancing is the symbol of the society that is well disposed to dance.”

— H. E. Luntz, Social

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What is the importance of social dance? – History Of Social Dance Ballroom Lessons Albuquerque
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