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Social dancing involves a group of individuals dancing together outside one’s regular or desired social network—either by social gathering (e.g., a social dance party) or by formal social dances (e.g., ballroom dancing).

Examples of social dances include dances with other people and dance groups, or informal social social dances to socialize with people in private.
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This is a social dance because each dancer is dancing with others to form and maintain a particular social dance network. The aim is to create a more social environment.

Are social dancing communities different than informal social dancing networks?

Asking the right questions to figure out what is social dancing can help you get to know what is going on in your social dance community. There are three basic types of social dancing:

Group social dancing

Dance groups are the most common social dance network. They usually consist of groups of people who often dance together to create a social dance network.

The goal of social dance is to generate social energy in groups, which creates a social atmosphere in one or more venues.

Examples of social dance groups include ballroom dancing, jazz/piano dance, reggae, bingo, hip-hop dance, karaoke, improv dance, salsa club, vaudevillian dance, or a dance ensemble.

Social dancing does not typically exist outside of a social dance scene. Social dancing can occur at any venue where people gather to create a social dance network or to share experiences.

An example of social dancing could be a social club that has a bar on one side, a dance floor on the other side, and dance classes on the other side.

Non-profit social dancing

If non-profit social dancing is your interest and you are not part of a social dance network, there are two types of social dance events you can attend.

Non-profit social dancing events are “free” events where no one pays to join in on your dancing.

They are typically held at a non-profit organization, which usually makes them more social than formal events like ballroom dancing.

Examples of non-profit social dancing events include open bar, birthday parties, charity events, or gatherings of friends.

Traditional social dancing events are not open bar events and do not occur at a non-profit organization.

Traditional social dancing events typically occur on a regular basis, usually every Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. There are often weekly or

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What is social dancing mean? – York Social Dance Studio York Pa Restaurants
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