What is modern dance style? – What Is Theatrical Dance

Dance of course is different, you don’t need to do a class to get into modern dance; however, once you’ve done one, it’s easy to see what type of movement will be the best for you. Modern dance styles can be divided into 5 distinct movements –

Vinyasa (dancing with purpose), Jive




Traditional-Classical dance also include movements like the Jamboree.

I’m not sure what you should specialize on, and what will work best for you. However, if you want to increase your dancing ability without putting out too much effort, then go for a variety of styles.

The goal of the Dancer is to move from one end of the floor, to the other, and create a powerful visual, emotional and musical experience.

Modern Dance Styles for Dancers

You should start out with the following classes and move through them as your comfort level increases:


Traditional dance




A lot of people ask me in the gym what I do for work, and the truth is I don’t really do much. The last thing I want to do is start doing cardio, or cardio and sit-ups.

What you should do is make time for learning different styles of dance. It’s hard to start out in a modern dance class, so you need to get some friends or instructors to put you on the right foot with some lessons.

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What is modern dance style? – What Is Theatrical Dance
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