What is dancing for you? – Social Dances 2020

What is dancing on a Saturday? It’s for me!”
And the first time she saw a man go up to the platform, dance around him… she said he “looked like… somebody.” I thought, “Oh, my God, I’ve got a guy on the team.” I thought he was like… some little guy or something — he looked like he was somebody! He looked like the next Big Band.
And it was something I never expected to witness in the grand scheme of things. I thought that dancing like that was the stuff of some other lifetime. It was some new kind of thing. It was just my life.
That first time she saw him dance, I remember thinking that that was a big deal. I was, like, “What the fuck? Where does that come from?” He was this really, really tall, muscular, short-headed guy. I was like, “What the hell?”
I have to be honest with you, man, when it comes to that dancing, I was like, “Damn. I’ve never seen anything this good before.”
When I started out at the beginning of that, I was like, “It’s too small.”
I was like,”There’s too much space.”
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What I realized was that it was too small, and it was not in a “big boy” way — we were going in a more “lady-boy” way.
I was thinking, “Well, look what happened to these small guys like that.”
But my point is, that the dancing is pretty cool. What’s exciting about it is… it doesn’t seem strange to me now. That’s always a new experience and I think that’s the fun part.
I want a dance floor to be big with as many people in there as possible. It always comes down to the size.
If we can all get in there and just dance, there’s no way anyone could tell what’s happening. It’s a big crowd. Maybe it’ll just get bigger. Maybe it’ll just get smaller. Maybe it’ll just get even.
It all depends on what type of venue we’re at. Like I said at the beginning, the best places are the ones that have the best dancers.
I was going to say this was a bigger crowd. You can tell because… it seems like there’s more of a crowd.
Some great dance spots in the Twin Cities right now include at The Venue , The Venue on South

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What is dancing for you? – Social Dances 2020
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