What is creative dance? – Social Dance Studio Grand Rapids Michigan

Creative dance is a technique of movement.

In short creative dance is all about motion and movement. It’s the art of breaking the rules. It is about creating a new style of movement through experimentation. It’s about making music that we can call “theater.”

In our own unique little space we call, the “Waves Lounge”, we create this movement. But how?

Well, by taking one of the most common forms of dance, the Ballet, we created a unique new form. Not only in its structure, but also in its aesthetic.

We call it, The Movement, and the movement is the result of years of experimentation, and learning.

What is dance?

You’ve probably heard this question before, and the answer is that dance is a method of movement, movement being the first element of any music.

When you watch an average show, it’s difficult to remember the dance moves on TV. It’s hard to picture the dancers dancing around to music that makes no sense.

In fact, when you look back on the history of all the shows on television (as well as the music on TV) you’ll notice that people always seemed to have to keep their eyes focused on the characters, or on their stage show, playing music that made no sense. It was a very common and acceptable practice.

It was an accepted artform. So when we first started out, in 1995, dance meant just that: motion! If you wanted to stay in the real dance music world of the 70s and 80s it would be impossible to not dance!

From there we became immersed into learning by watching performances and learning choreographies (which eventually led to us creating our first show, the “Blink”)

As a small community, we have had many moments where we have gone out and taught at larger venues: some are on our books and some we do ourselves.

To help spread the word about our space, we have hosted an annual dance conference for young artists (called Dancefest), as well as the Dancefest Dance Clinic, a workshop for anyone who wants to dance!

We also have the “Shared Workspace” where you can create your own original dance works and learn the craft.

Our style isn’t only dance.

When you think about it, it’s quite literally the “creative movement” of the 20th century. What was once a very simple,

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What is creative dance? – Social Dance Studio Grand Rapids Michigan
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